Runway De-Icer Sprayer Update System
Make the Control tower happier by clearing the airfield faster.

When budgets will not allow new Ground Support Equipment acquisitions, maintenance operators consider updating aged de-icer units. Modernize outdated runway de-icer sprayers and improve efficiency, save time, simplify operation and reduce cost with a SMART Runway De-Icer Update.

No more Wall-flower! Plow and broom Conga Lines won't leave the de-icer trucks behind. Spraying one gallon per 1000 square feet, de-icer truck speeds can increase from fourteen to as quick as thirty miles per hour!
Computer / Product Control
From this
Typical Old Console
To this
SMART De-Icer Update Console
A user friendly console consolidates switches, controls and monitors spraying and built-in VRA/AVL communication collects usage data. This small profile console increases driver visibility and is illuminated for nighttime operation.
Shutoff Valves
Obsolete Shutoff Valves
SMART De-Icer Shutoff Valves
Common market shutoff valves replace obsolete or proprietary air and hydraulic valves.

A SMART Runway De-Icer Update changes boom and flusher valves.
Boom Plumbing
From an
Ordinary Nozzle Arrangement
Stainless Steel Plumbing and VO Nozzles
Stainless steel tubes and state of the art Variable Orifice Nozzles replace the boom plumbing. An anti-drip design closes the nozzle when the vehicle stops. Spray at speeds from 1 to 50 mph and at rates from 0.25 to 2.0 gallons per 1000 square feet. These nozzles eliminate check valves, selectable nozzles and quick-change nozzles.

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