LS-DS Z-Plow
Zero Turn Sprayer-Spreader Zero Turn Snow Control (page down)
SMART Manufacturing Inc. Introduces the next steps in Snow and Ice Control.
LS-DS Zero Turn Liquid / Granular
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The LS-DS Zero Turn, Sprayer-Spreader combination unit is designed for tight areas where ice control is critical. Use it on walks, ramp areas, around Jetways and any place a conventional sprayer or spreader will not work. No pushing spreaders by hand. The compact design of the LS-DS makes it ideal with a 200 lb. granular box and 50-gallon liquid payload.

The adjustable swath, dry spreader provides patterns from 3' to 25' allowing the operator to match speed to the surroundings. When using Liquid, the LS-DS Sprayer covers up to 150,000 square feet at 1/3 gallon per 1000sqft. A 10' three-section, stainless steel boom, with break a-way, folds up to no wider than the width of the sprayer.

Landscapers welcome this multi-season tool for grass and weed control. Keep lawn areas looking great using the LS-DS to apply liquid and dry fertilizers.
Features Specifications
• Hydraulic hopper drive system
• All stainless steel construction
• Digital speedometer
• Adjustable speedbar to hold ground speed
• Integrated control panel
• Foot operated pump switch
• Three section boom with independent valves and low drift tips
• 50' or 100' hose reel for spot spraying
• Spring mounted suspension foot plate
• Locking Caster System

• Engine: 16 hp Vanguard Commercial V-Twin
• Transmission: Hydrostat
• Weight: 720 lbs.
• Performance: (forward) 8 mph (reverse) 4.5 mph

Spray System
• Boom Width: Stainless steel, 3 section, 10 ft. wide with spring loaded brake-away. Separate valve for each section.
• Boom Tips: low drift tips with 5 psi. shut-offs for no drip.
• Rate: Factory set 1/3 gallon per 1000 sq. ft. The rate can be changed easily by quick release tips. (Max of 1.0)
• Spot Spray: 50' or 100' hose reel mounted
• Tank Capacity: (2) 25 gal. Tanks. Each can be operated independently.
• Pump; Flow Jet 5 gallon per minute electric pump.

Dry System
• Dry Spreader: All hydraulic with proportional valve to adjust impeller speed.
• Capacity: 200 lbs. Hopper. Two spreader trays carrying 100 lbs. total are standard.

Z-Plow Zero Turn Snow Plow
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Like the LS-DS Zero Turn Sprayer-Spreader, The Z-Plow is a zero turn power unit with unlimited possibilities. This versatile unit cleans places where snow control is difficult. Clear walks, ramps, terminal and garage areas where average snow plows cannot go.

Powered by an 18 hp Vanguard electric start engine with Hydro-Gear pumps and Parker wheel motors, the 52” Z-Plow is capable of 8 mph forward and 4.5 mph in reverse. Auxiliary hydraulics raise and lower attachments and power other functions.

Equip the Z-Plow with a 120 lb. hydraulic drive dry spreader hopper for Anti-Icing and De-Icing materials. Adjust spread widths from 3 to 25 feet.

• Hydraulic Power Blower
• 36" De-Thatch Rake
• 36" or 46" Lawn Plugger/Aerator
• 36" Slit Seeder
• 120 lb. Hydraulic Drive Dry Spreader

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