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Special Airport Ground Support Equipment Ventures
Dry Spreader Trailer Gear
SMART Mfg manufactures trailer gear to accommodate dry spreader units. This trailer frees a dry spreader box from a dedicated truck chassis. Brooms, loaders, plows or other suitable equipment can tow the unit shown.

• ABS Air Brakes
• 21,000 pound Axles
Equipment Renovation
SMART Mfg. can breath new life into other winter use ground support equipment.

• Brooms
• Snow Blowers
• Snow Plows
Fuel Truck
This diesel fuel tender places a refueling station on wheels and supplies Ground Support Equipment throughout the airfield.
Zero Turn LS-DS & Z-Plow
The LS-DS Zero Turn Sprayer-Spreader unit is designed for tight areas.

• This multi-season tool is ideal for spreading salt and sand and spraying anti-icing fluids in winter. Use it on walks, alleys, docks, parking structures, ramp areas, and places a conventional de-icer sprayer or spreader will not work.

• Seed and fertilize in warmer months. A total lawn care machine, the LS-DS carries 300 lbs. of dry material in the 200 lb. hopper and two rear trays. Spray liquids (in widths from 2 to 10 feet) from two product tanks and a 3-section foldable boom.

The Z-Plow is a zero turn power unit with unlimited possibilities.

• Clean places where snow control is difficult.

• Clear walks, ramps, terminal and garage areas where average snow plows cannot go. Add to the Z-Plow with an Hydraulic Power Blower, De-Thatch Rake, Lawn Plugger/Aerator and Slit Seeder for a complete lanscaping tool.

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