SMART Manufacturing
515 North State Road 75 • Lebanon, IN 46052 USA • Telephone: (765) 482-7481
Special Projects
We invite projects of all kinds. From elegant architectural components to heavy-duty transport trucks, call on SMART Mfg. to complete your custom design ideas.
Specialized Vehicles
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Field Tile Stringer, Truck Mounted – Transports Field Drainage Tile
Truck Bed, Concrete Contractor –
Transports materials.
Truck Bed. Dovetail –
Contractor transports a bulldozer.
Truck Utility Rack –
Plumbing Contractor, custom utility rack for ladders and materials..

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Special Projects
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SMART Manufacturing Inc.
515 North State Road 75
Lebanon, IN 46052

Telephone: (765) 482-7481
fax: (765) 482-7241

Dale Thompson
Cell: (765) 481-8650

Gary Cummins
Cell: (317) 626-6065
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