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Street Maintenance
SMART Mfg. is proficient in the design and manufacture of custom roadway construction and maintenance equipment. Below find information on tools to install or replace roadway lane safety markers.
SMART Mfg. Triple R Series

Triple RTriple R SCID
The self-contained, SMART Mfg. Triple R series is designed for heavy use in winter weather anti-icing and de-icing of Ramps and Roadways. Section spraying is ideal for treating one, two and three lane roadways, parking areas and pedestrian walkways.

• A rear center spraybar and left and right side sprayheads provide spray widths from 12' to 36' (3.6 to 11.0m).
• A front center spraybar sprays 12' (3.6m) wide.
• The desired application rate is maintained regardless of the vehicle speed.
• The nozzle droplet size and velocity produces no splash at 40 mph reducing atomization.
• 1450 gallon (1,000L) and larger product tanks.
• LED safety lighting
Z-Trailer (Click Photo to Enlarge)
Deck Size:
Length - 54"
Width - 72"
Height - 21"
(From Ground)
Overall Size:
Length - 96"
(Wheels Extended)
Height - 70"
(Ramps Up)
Length - 48"
Wheels and Tires:
8" Load*Star
215/60-8 18.5
High Speed,
Range C
2" x 2"
Z-Trailer follows the wheel path of the tow vehicle - driving in confined areas and backing are a snap.

The trailer's unique coupling joins the vehicle without the movement of a ball hitch or pin. A solid connection and casters provide outstanding maneuverability.

Curb side ramps save parking space and ensure easy loading on residential streets.

*See SAMART Mfg's Zero Turn LS-DS & Z-Plow
Roadway Safety Reflector Emplacement Vehicles
These nimble machines provide the means to remove old reflectors or install new ones.

• Rear engine placement improves driver comfort and visibility and a low frame allows tool use from the driver’s seat.
• The high strength tube frame with independent suspension ensures safety and durability.
• Dual controls enable operation from the right and left sides.
• A rooftop tool deck accommodates a compressor or generator. Use a chisel or epoxy equipment.
• LED safety lighting
Roadway Safety Reflector Grinder
This vehicle is designed to prepare a roadway surface to receive safety reflectors. Its powerful engine and hydraulic control greatly reduced operation cycle times.

• V8 Engine with Automatic Transmission
• Hydraulic drive Saw and Vacuum Systems
Zero Turn LS-DS & Z-Plow
The LS-DS Zero T?urn Sprayer-Spreader unit is designed for tight areas.

• Use it on walks, ramp areas, around Jetways and places a conventional de-icer sprayer or spreader will not work.

• This multi-season tool is ideal for spreading salt and sand and spraying anti-icing fluids in winter. Seed and fertilize in warmer months.
The Z-Plow is a zero turn power unit with unlimited possibilities.

• Clean places where snow control is difficult.

• Clear walks, ramps, terminal and garage areas where average snow plows cannot go. Add to the Z-Plow with an Hydraulic Power Blower, De-Thatch Rake, Lawn Plugger/Aerator and Slit Seeder for a complete lanscaping tool.

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